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  • GLORIOUS PEOPLE EBOOK (edición en inglés)
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  • ISBN: 9781782279495
  • Editorial: PUSHKIN PRESS

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Audiolibros gratis sin descargar GLORIOUS PEOPLE EBOOK (edición en inglés) de SASHA SALZMANN 9781782279495 (Spanish Edition)


What did the disintegration of the Soviet Union feel like for the people who lived through it? Award-winning writer Sasha Salzmann tells this story in a remarkable novel about two women in extraordinary times __________A story of several generations of women that poignantly demonstrates the imprint of history on peoples lives, often with tragic consequences. Salzmann conveys the emotional turmoil and agonizing choices their characters make with exquisite nuance and sensitivity. Their distinctive voice, elegant prose and engaging narrative result in a marvelous work Victoria Belim, author of The Rooster House [Salzmann] writes in a broad, timelessly epic style. There is a quiet sovereignty here that gives one great hope that we are reading one of the next great German storytellers Süddeutsche Zeitung A brilliant book... [that] vibrates with the pleasure of narrating Neue Zürcher Zeitung __________ As a child, Lena longs to pick hazelnuts in the woods with her grandmother but is raised as a good socialist: sent to Pioneer summer camps where shes taught to worship Lenin, and sing songs in praise of the glorious Soviet Union. But perestroika is coming, her corner of the USSR is now called Ukraine, and corruption and patronage are now the only ways to get ahead - to secure a place at university, an apartment, treatment for a sick baby. For Tatjana, the shock of the new means the first McDonalds in the Soviet Union and certified foreign whisky, but no food in the shops; it means terrible choices about who to love. Eventually both women must decide whether to stay or to emigrate, but the trauma they carry is handed down to their daughters, struggling to make sense of their own identities. In a story that spans generations, Salzmann creates a vivid depiction of how the collapse of the Soviet Union reverberated through the lives of ordinary people. Engrossing and wide-reaching, rich in detail and unforgettable characters, Glorious People is a vivid feat of storytelling from a powerful talent.

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